I'm Naomi and this is my artist's shop!
Thanks for having a look around:)

Having been an artist for much of my life and then studying graphic design for my bachelors degree I am intrigued by the unique abilities that imagery has to convey a message. I've developed a passion for typography and the way it powerfully communicates with such aesthetic and eloquence.

It is important to me that my impact in the world is a positive one. All the pieces here are meant to brighten your space, make a gracious gift, and serve as a daily uplifting reminder that you are a bright light and for you to shine and be the best you is a favor to the rest of this world.

If every time you do something as usually mundane as look at your wall or put on a tshirt and it makes you feel like a million bucks, motivated and ready to kick-ass at life then that makes me feel like I am kicking ass at life.

Find me on Instagram @bigbee.design so I can check out what you've got going on too.

You can tag your pieces too and they will show up here and on product pages for others to see it in action! 

Cool to meetcha. Cheers,